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Rich or poor, young or old, short or tall, it’s hard to find anybody who doesn’t like to save money. In recent years, Seniors have become such a large segment of the population, that businesses often provide incentives targeted at Seniors.  The merchants might be trying to attract new customers, or simply trying to retain current clients. The incentives offered can be in the form of discounts, or special options designed specifically for Seniors. Depending on the business, Senior offerings can range from a discount to free merchandise or services.

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User Beware!  …or…  Read the Fine Print!

In the process of seeking Senior discounts, it is always important to know the rules of the merchant.

  • Certain stores offer a discount for Seniors, but it can only be used on a certain day of the week.
  • Some places consider any person over 55 to be a Senior, others use the age of 60.
  • Some places require an identification to prove the age of the Senior, others do not.

Each business sets up their own rules and guidelines, so be sure to understand the program beforehand.

$avings over the Long Run

Some of the offers can represent significant savings when considered over a period of time. For example:

A couple who goes to a restaurant for dinner once each week might have an average check of $30 for a meal. A ten percent Senior discount would take three dollars off the check. That may not seem like a lot, but over the course of a year, that would be a savings of $150. That could pay a power bill for a month, or groceries for a couple of weeks, or even a few tanks of gas. Remember that even the small savings can add up, so take advantage of any savings available to you.

Start $aving with OurSeniorsDiscounts!

Check out some of the discounts offered here. Be sure to read the offers thoroughly, so there are no surprises at the cash register. Then head out to save some money!

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