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A Wide, Wide Net

As part of the Family, the OurSeniorsDiscounts organization can cast a wide net. We have been marketing to seniors for years, first through mail, then by internet, social media, print media and in face-to-face meetings during our Brunch and Learn events. We have the specialized skills needed to reach the senior market, the Silver Consumer who is so critical to success.

Our net is wide in the physical sense, with over 250 distribution points for our first-class publication, the […]

A Wide, Wide Net2019-08-08T09:33:09-04:00

Our Eight Counties are Great Counties! (for Senior Marketers) Magazine and the program have now expanded to eight of the most senior-centered counties in Florida! This coverage area now reaches a 55+ and senior population of over 1.3 million. That is one and a third million Silver Consumers, and they do consume everything from automotive services to house paint to financial planning.

The Family of organizations can offer you direct mail, local distribution at over 250 senior-frequented locations, participation in our direct-contact Brunch and Learn events and […]

Our Eight Counties are Great Counties! (for Senior Marketers)2019-08-08T09:31:35-04:00

Senior Marketing as a Specialty

The mission of the entire OurSeniors Family is to serve the needs of seniors in every way we can. Doing this, we have grown to be the force we are today, covering eight Florida counties and serving the needs of over 1.3 million seniors. We know seniors and we know senior marketing!

In serving senior needs, we also provide the perfect avenue for reaching that market segment. Seniors are a key part of your market weather you are trying to grow […]

Senior Marketing as a Specialty2019-08-01T10:17:02-04:00

What Kind of Businesses Are in the OurSeniorsDiscounts Directory?

Before you say, “Not me” to advertising in a senior-oriented medium like, or Magazine, take a minute to look at the professionals and business owners who do. What do you think you will find?

There are some entries that you would expect. Senior placement advisors, Medicare insurance providers, and organizations that deliver expert in-home care are all represented. But so are nonprofits, community service organizations, tax experts and computer services organizations. The fact is that most seniors remain active […]

What Kind of Businesses Are in the OurSeniorsDiscounts Directory?2019-08-01T10:15:57-04:00

Our Wide, Wide Reach

We have been communicating with and influencing seniors and 55+ adults for years. The Family of trusted organizations, including, has really spread its wings in the past year. As we introduced the section to our printed publication, we have also spread our distribution far and wide.

Yes, but to what end? The answer is simple: We Reach Seniors & 55+ Adults! It might help to quantify that statement. How many seniors and 55+ adults are we talking about? […]

Our Wide, Wide Reach2019-07-25T10:05:55-04:00

How do you get your business noticed?

How do you get a new customer, a new client, patient or patron?  To start, you must get their attention, but how? How will your business grab the attention of new customers? The pros at the Family of organizations can show you how, because we have been doing it for a long time.

We can get your business name in front of thousands of potential customers in a simple, highly effective way, in fact, in numerous ways. Our high-quality, senior […]

How do you get your business noticed?2019-07-25T10:03:51-04:00

Do Seniors Still Shop?

We like to say that the distribution specifically targets the senior and over-55 adult market. What does that mean? The most important thing it means is that we target a huge section of the total market for many types of goods and services. This can range from legal and financial services to hair stylists to health insurance to pizza.

The next time you are in a Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Denny’s Restaurant, or Dollar Tree Store, look around and do your […]

Do Seniors Still Shop?2019-07-18T14:48:16-04:00

Why Do Baby Boomers Matter?

A judge once asked Willie Sutton, the famous bank robber, why he wasted his talent on holding up banks. Willie had a simple reply, “That’s where the money is, that’s why!”

We don’t want you to follow Willie’s example in choosing a line of work, but his observation about going where the money is makes sense to honest business people. If you have not considered the importance of the senior market to your business, you are probably missing a huge opportunity. […]

Why Do Baby Boomers Matter?2019-07-18T14:46:58-04:00

Get Your Copy Today! Magazine, the flagship publication of the OurSeniors Family goes hand-in-hand with Each and every printed copy of this fine publication carries with it the OurSeniorsDiscounts Coupon Directory of great deals aimed at the 55+ and senior market. Imagine what an advantage it would be to have your business or professional practice featured in the Directory.

Right now, the Summer Edition of Magazine is being distributed to more than 250 pickup locations throughout an eight-county area in central Florida […]

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