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Growing, Growing, Growing

That’s Right!  The Family, Magazine and the discount program continues to grow and grow and grow! Recently, we counted 252 pickup locations for the magazine with its senior discount section.  Just two years ago, there were no (that’s Zero) locations; in fact, there was no magazine!

Why has the Family grown so wide and fast? We now cover eight of the most senior-concentrated counties in Florida with our printed product, and we reach thousands more with […]

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The Family Offers You a Deal!

You know (we hope!) that OurSeniorsDiscounts,net is part of a larger family of organizations that are all dedicated to a common mission: serving the needs of seniors. That is why we try to associate with such a variety of partners, each filling some area of senior need. The Family has included financial and accounting professionals, legal experts, medical doctors, assisted living facilities, health insurance agencies and underwriters, home care providers, dentists and non-profits.

This would be impressive if we were […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

The professionals are part of a larger organization that has been catering to the senior market for a long time. Recently, one of our writers discovered a key fact digging around in statistics from the Florida Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR). He found that the coverage area of the Family is already home to over 1.3 million senior consumers. It’s going to grow too!

If you are a business, a service provider or even a professional practice, […]

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A Great, Big Senior Market!

Sometimes it helps to quantify the ideas we are trying to get across. In the Family, including, we often speak of the “55+ and senior market.” But what exactly does this mean? How many of these people are there and where are they?

Florida’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) is a research arm of the Legislature concerned with forecasting economic and social trends that affect policy making, revenues, and appropriations. The figures in this article were extracted […]

A Great, Big Senior Market!2019-05-31T10:44:17-04:00

We Are Easy to Contact!

Do you know how many ways there are to contact the staff? Let me count the ways (as Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote). There is:

And, there is our representative, a real person! In Orange and Seminole Counties, you may contact our local representative Gena Fernandez at 386-516-3969 (ext. 21) or by email at

We Are Easy to Contact!

The Value of Senior Promotions

It should not surprise anybody that the Family concentrates on marketing to mature adults and seniors. After all, that is in the name, isn’t it? But, if you are a small business person, a local service provider or professional practice, why should this matter to you?

It should matter, because in all likelihood you are in a business that can benefit greatly from senior and mature adult patrons. Nowhere is this truer than it is in the state of Florida, […]

The Value of Senior Promotions2019-05-24T09:35:29-04:00

Brand Yourself, “Senior-Friendly”

Our professional people have done a lot of typical, every day internet and traditional marketing. They have done print advertising, direct mail advertising, traditional web material and social media work. They know that in many markets, branding your business as “senior-friendly’” or “senior-oriented,” is one of the most effective ways to get and keep repeat customers. These patrons can form the base of successful marketing campaigns.

How do you go about branding a business or product as “senior friendly,” “senior oriented” […]

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News You Can Use!

And you should use it, too! Doing that will help get your business, your service or professional practice noticed by thousands of 55+ adults and senior consumers who are just waiting to become your clients, patients or customers. So, what is the big news?

Brunch and Learn Comes to Flagler County! That is right, one of the Family’s most unique and popular activities is coming to Flagler County for a Summer Brunch & Learn Series at a new location (Golden […]

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Find an Magazine Pickup Location Easily!

The Family is very proud of the magazine distribution system we have established. Our high-quality publication is available in over 240 senior-friendly locations in Volusia, Flagler and nearby counties. Obviously, it would be crowded to list each of the locations in any single short blog or article. Now, there is a great new way to quickly locate the nearest Magazine pickup location. A search box makes it easy!

Just go the Pickup Locations page, find the search box […]

Find an Magazine Pickup Location Easily!2019-05-21T10:54:15-04:00