Brand Yourself, “Senior-Friendly”


Our professional people have done a lot of typical, every day internet and traditional marketing. They have done print advertising, direct mail advertising, traditional web material and social media work. They know that in many markets, branding your business as “senior-friendly’” or “senior-oriented,” is one of the most effective ways to get and keep repeat customers. These patrons can form the base of successful marketing campaigns.

How do you go about branding a business or product as “senior friendly,” “senior oriented” or anything else for that matter? This is done by associating the product or service with a target group. Beer commercials are aimed at sports fans and cosmetics makers sponsor TV shows about glamorous people. They want viewers to associate their product with fun things like sports events or well groomed, beautiful appearance.

The mature audience, 55+ adults and seniors, are more and more of a target for branding strategies of all types. Banks and financial institutions want their business, real estate agent market senior housing, nutritional supplement makers try to associate their products with healthy aging. Many of these efforts come from national companies that have huge promotional budgets. How can a local business be distinguished in all this activity? has a solution. We have spent years nurturing our relationships with senior communities right here in central Florida. Over those years, the OurSeniors Family has involved itself in web promotions, social media, print and personal outreach efforts to reach the senior market. It has built a large distribution network, an impressive social media presence and an active, “go out and meet them” team.

Your business, service or professional practice can attach itself to this senior-oriented brand by advertising in the OurSeniorsDiscounts,net supplement that is distributed in your local service area. This is a high-quality publication read by thousands of seniors and 55+ adults every month. Find out how by reading our plan in, “Especially for Advertisers.” We can be reached at 386-204-4727 or contact us by email.

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