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Happy New Year from the team at Magazine!

Happy New Year

This year was something that none of us ever expected. We never experienced a nation-wide shutdown or pandemic. Our lives changed in a variety of ways and life took on a whole new meaning. While it may seem like 2020 was the worst year, a few great things did happen. We took more time to […]

Let’s Take a Moment to Remember the Attack on Pearl Harbor Today

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which is a reminder of the tragedy that happened this day in 1941. Franklin D. Roosevelt said it was “a date which will live in infamy” as the surprise attack by the Japanese Imperial Army caused more than 2,000 people to be killed. Four very important U.S. Navy battleships […]

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff


The staff want to wish you a happy holiday. While we are still living in a time of social distancing and being extra careful, we hope you are able to connect with family and friends. This is a time to be thankful for all that we have, even during difficult times. Living in America […]