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You Are Known by the Company You Keep!

That is correct, you and your business are known by the company you keep. That is why we like to tell our readers and friends that you can find the Family in well-known places like Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies, as well as in senior-friendly restaurants like Denny’s, DB Pickles, Peach Valley Café and Port Orange Steakhouse. Those establishments want to court the senior and 55+ adult market. Did we mention Walmart and Dollar Tree Stores?

You can also find us […]

You Are Known by the Company You Keep!2019-04-18T08:28:17-04:00

Let’s THINK About Marketing to Seniors

Most entrepreneurs, professional practices, service providers and business people spend a lot of time thinking about their own business, their product or service and how they can improve it. They spend less time thinking about how they market this output in general and less still about the market segments they are trying to reach. Marketing specifically to the 55+ and senior market probably gets little or no attention at all.

That is a huge mistake in most markets, and in the […]

Let’s THINK About Marketing to Seniors2019-03-22T13:34:54-04:00

Do You Know What Seniors Are Doing Online?

“Know your market.” That is a key to success in any sector or demographic. What do your targeted customers do when they look for entertainment or recreation, shop or make a buying decision, especially on the internet?

At and, our customer base is seniors and 55+ adults. We have a special interest in marketing to seniors and “boomers,” in part because of our physical location in the central and east coast Florida area. This beautiful area is home to […]

Do You Know What Seniors Are Doing Online?2019-03-14T09:58:31-04:00

Suggestions for Connecting to Seniors

How can a business, a service or even a professional practice attract new customers, especially seniors? Senior and 55+ consumers are highly prized as patrons, because they are noted for their loyalty to brands, products and service providers. Winning a senior customer often means having a great customer for life, and has a way to help. Especially in the state of Florida, seniors can become the core of a customer base. We have years of experience reaching out […]

Suggestions for Connecting to Seniors2019-03-07T11:03:29-05:00

Converting Senior Consumers

How do you convert a 55+ or senior consumer to your brand, your service or product? We know how!

The professionals at have spent years developing our relationship with senior readers, viewers and consumers. We have not done this by sitting in the office and waiting for senior consumers to just drop in! No, we have been active, proactive, outgoing and hands-on in our efforts to reach this audience. knows how to reach seniors because our professionals have been doing […]

Converting Senior Consumers2019-02-28T11:07:57-05:00

Local Marketing Opportunities

The professionals at have spent years developing a special relationship with our senior readers, viewers and friends. Our blog articles are aimed especially at the 55+ adult, our YouTube and Facebook sites are there to inform and help seniors, our printed and online senior magazine ( Magazine) is filled with senior-related material. In short, we have worked very hard to earn the trust of seniors and their loved ones.

We know seniors, and we know senior marketing! We […]

Local Marketing Opportunities2019-02-07T15:47:43-05:00

Marketing to Seniors

Marketing to seniors can be a challenge. The tastes, subject matter, styles and even the graphics that appeal to senior readers or viewers may be very different from those of other demographics. Marketing professionals tell us that in general, seniors are more cautious and thoughtful about buying decisions than are younger people. They are more discerning, more likely to read fine print and to compare available choices.

In fact, senior marketing might be considered a ‘subspecialty’ in the field of marketing. […]

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