Have You Done Your Taxes Yet?

Brett Porter

This year, the cases for tax scams are expected to increase with every week that taxes are not filed. The more time you provide scammers to file your tax return for you, the more chance you have of not receiving it yourself. While we do not want to induce anxiety, we want you to be armed with the facts so you are not a victim this tax season.

Identity theft can happen to anyone and it happens more frequently during tax season. If you have filed your taxes through a website, your chances of being scammed are even higher. When you are scammed of your tax return, it is very difficult to try to get that money back. The IRS is a very slow-moving entity with outdated systems to process requests, so it is very unlikely that you would be able to receive compensation. Additionally, you would need many hours of time and professional assistance in order to file a request for the IRS Pin Number that is required to move forward, so you are not a victim after the first time.

We want to make sure that none of our seniors are victims of tax fraud. That is why we recommend hiring Brett Porter, E.A. to do your taxes. His accounting firm is located in Port Orange and provides tax preparation and bookkeeping services to the greater Volusia County area (Ormond Beach to Edgewater, Deland to Daytona). Brett is an enrolled agent with the IRS, so he can assist on your behalf without the price tag of similar services from H.R. Block or Liberty Tax!

To make the situation even better, Brett Porter, E.A. is offering a special service for OurSeniors.net Magazine subscribers! For just $100, the service includes retirement income, social security income, wages, interest income and dividend income all done as a package for your convenience.

We are very excited about this special promotion and we think you should highly consider it! Not only should you file early, but you should file as carefully as possible as the IRS cannot process any mistakes. We are all human and make mistakes, but you do not want one mistake to keep you from receiving your much-deserved tax return as soon as possible!

If you think you need Brett Porter for your tax needs, you can call his office at 386-210-7229 and tell them OurSeniors.net sent you! You can also check his profile out here.

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