Let’s THINK About Marketing to Seniors

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Most entrepreneurs, professional practices, service providers and business people spend a lot of time thinking about their own business, their product or service and how they can improve it. They spend less time thinking about how they market this output in general and less still about the market segments they are trying to reach. Marketing specifically to the 55+ and senior market probably gets little or no attention at all.

That is a huge mistake in most markets, and in the state of Florida it can be fatal. Florida has the highest proportion of senior population of any state in the nation, and ignoring this market segment is just foolish. Yet, we know that many business owners and service providers do just that! At OurSeniorsDiscounts.net, we take the opposite view; we concentrate on that very large niche market. Actually, we have been doing this for years, and we have some suggestions for you to consider (think about them).

  • First, Stop thinking about 55+ adults and seniors as one, homogenous group. They certainly are not. Unfortunately, the term “senior marketing” leads many business people to think of wheelchairs and walkers. If you are an auto dealer, you should think of 55+ adults as great candidates for a sporty convertible. “Live it up. You have earned it, so get that Mustang or BMW!!” On the other hand, campaigns directed at seniors aged 80+ may very well influence their children and family loved ones, so do not ignore them.
  • Second, Stay Relevant to the needs and tastes of the 55+ and senior demographic. If your enterprise offers a range of services or products, choose the one most likely to appeal to seniors and communicate to them in clear, thoughtful language, avoiding ‘trendy’ words or slogans. Try to associate your business, service or practice with other senior-friendly, senior-relevant organizations. The OurSeniors.net group is a great place to start. At OurSeniors.net, you might say, “Seniors R Us.”
  • Third, Give Them a Reason to try your product, your restaurant, service or practice. We can help with that- our new pullout coupon section can place a special offer right in front of them. You decide what the incentive is to be and we deliver it for you!
  • Fourth, Choose a Communication Media that seniors are likely to see, use and retain. This seems obvious, but many people misjudge the ability and the likelihood that seniors will use smartphones, mobile devices or the internet. If you want to reach the senior market, you have to use a multi-media approach, targeting them both online and offline. At OurSeniorsDiscounts.net, we do just that!

    The OurSeniors.net Magazine print edition is distributed free to thousands of seniors and their families and loved ones. These are the people who make decisions about buying a product, going to a movie or dining at a restaurant. These pickup locations are in big-name stores like Walmart, Walgreens or CVS, in local restaurants and chains like Denny’s, small businesses, professional practices and other locations from the coastal Volusia-Flagler County area westward to Central Florida. Click on PICKUP LOCATIONS to see a complete list of these 241 (and growing) locations. At the same time, these coupons will be easy for seniors to get online. That brings us to the last point.

  • Fifth, Make It Easy! If you want to see how easy it is going to be for seniors to find your offer online, go to OurSeniors.net Coupons and look at the organization, the easy way a senior (or any customer) will be able to find your offer. Imagine having your offer distributed in the form of thousands of printed copies and online too! This is a great opportunity to leverage your advertising dollar in a way that increases your exposure in print, on the web and on social media.

Visit our new website at OurSeniorsDiscounts.net and you will get a good idea of how easy it will be for seniors to find and print your coupon online as well as to clip it in the old-fashion way. It’s a triple play for your advertising budget. You can get details about this outstanding opportunity by calling 386-204-4727 or click on Contact OurSeniorsDiscounts.net to contact us by email.

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