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We have been communicating with and influencing seniors and 55+ adults for years. The OurSeniors.net Family of trusted organizations, including OurSeniorsDiscounts.net, has really spread its wings in the past year. As we introduced the OurSeniorsDiscounts.net section to our printed publication, we have also spread our distribution far and wide.

Yes, but to what end? The answer is simple: We Reach Seniors & 55+ Adults! It might help to quantify that statement. How many seniors and 55+ adults are we talking about? The Florida Legislature has a research arm that forecasts the economic and demographic trends which are going to affect state revenue and appropriations. Florida’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research (the EDR) has made these predictions for the year 2020 in our coverage area:

Flagler Countytotal 55+ & senior48,695
Lake Countytotal 55+ & senior146,384
Orange Countytotal 55+ & senior336,478
Osceola Countytotal 55+ & senior99,897
Polk Countytotal 55+ & senior240,078
St John Countytotal 55+ & senior87,788
Seminole Countytotal 55+ & senior137,354
Volusia Countytotal 55+ & senior221,240
Total for coverage area1,317,914

In 2020, the total 55+ adult and senior population of the OurSeniors Family coverage area will be over 1.3 million people, over 31% of the total population. That is just around the corner! This is a virtual gold mine for businesses, service providers and professional practices. These seniors and mature adults are active consumers of services like personal care, products like hardware or electronics, professional services like accounting and entertainment like plays or shows.

Each quarter, OurSeniors.net Magazine and its senior-friendly discount section is distributed FREE to consumers. Our distribution specifically targets this 55 and over market, as thousands of printed copies of the OurSeniors.net Magazine circulate throughout Central Florida, as well as being online. Through this vehicle, you can attract new customers, clients or patients. This distribution system is a quality structure, reflecting the overall high quality of the OurSeniors.net’s Family of organizations.

Give this statement a test. Go to the Pickup Locations page on the OurSeniors.net site and find the search box near the middle of the page. Type in your zip code, and you will see all the locations for that zip code listed. You may see your own family doctor, a local government office or a famous-name store like Walgreens, Walmart or CVS. If you like senior breakfast specials, you may see a local Denny’s Restaurant. These are places frequented by Our Seniors, and you can reach them through the OurSeniorsDiscounts.net program.

Our years of experience reaching out to senior patrons (over 1.3 million of them) have taught us a great deal, and now we want to help you to reach those consumers. Visit our new website at OurSeniorsDiscounts.net and you will get a good idea of how easy it will be for seniors to find and print your coupon online as well as to clip it in the old-fashion way. It’s a triple play for your advertising budget. You can get details about this outstanding opportunity by calling 386-204-4727. Contact OurSeniorsDiscounts.net and in Seminole and Orange Counties, you can contact our local representative, Gena Fernandez, at 386-516-3969 (ext. 21) or by email at gena@ourseniors.net.

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