Seniors ARE Online

Senior friends

We have made this point before, but we cannot repeat it enough – “Seniors Are Online!” If you miss this fact, you are ignoring a huge part of the market. Here is what the very respected Pew Research Center had to say two years ago.

“Although seniors consistently have lower rates of technology adoption than the general public, this group is more digitally connected than ever. In fact, some groups of seniors – such as those who are younger, more affluent and more highly educated – report owning and using various technologies at rates similar to adults under the age of 65.”

It was true when that was published in 2017, and it is truer today; please put away your ideas about grandma rocking and knitting or grandpa playing shuffleboard. They are probably online looking for the products and services they want to buy. and the entire Family is there with them, and you can be too! Please look at Video.It is a YouTube presentation embedded inside our Facebook page, aimed at seniors.

Axiom, the technical arm of the Family can put you there, connecting your business to the online senior, the “Silver Consumer” of today. Visit us at our website ( or contact us by email at Contact You can always phone at 386-204-4727.

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