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Keep Your Car Running Safely

When was the last time you had your car serviced? If it has been over six months, then it’s been too long! Like all age groups, seniors need dependable transportation. Having a reliable and safe car is critical to maintaining an independent and happy senior lifestyle. Keeping your car in top-running shape is a priority, and Andre’s Auto Repair shop is just the place to help your car start running like new again. Located in Ormond Beach, this locally owned […]

Keep Your Car Running Safely2020-08-20T11:00:05-04:00

It’s too Hot in Florida for No A/C

Is your A/C not working like it used to? Do you have the thermometer set to 75 degrees, but it still feels like it’s 85 inside? If so, your air conditioner may need an inspection. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an air conditioner’s filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance. By neglecting the necessary care your unit needs it will increase your energy use and decrease its performance gradually. A/C’s require annual service, and if you’ve had […]

It’s too Hot in Florida for No A/C2020-10-09T09:12:15-04:00

Is Your A/C Running Optimally?

Is it me, or is it hot? This Summer is warmer than usual, and it’s predicted to be the hottest year on record! Thank goodness for central air and air conditioners. But when was the last time you had your a/c checked? Thanks to this pandemic, we are at home now more than ever, and our central air units are working overtime. To avoid breaking down your system, especially for those who live near the ocean, please regularly schedule […]

Is Your A/C Running Optimally?2020-10-09T09:12:12-04:00

It’s Time for Them to Go!

Our team at loves the Summer. The hot weather, the beaches, and the excellent excuse to eat ice cream all day! It’s honestly one of the many reasons Florida is a known vacation stop. Do you know who else loves the Summer? Bugs! The creepy crawlers are everywhere during the Summer, and the harder it rains, the more they show up. If you’re encountering these pests too often for comfort, it might be time to call Ryan’s Pest Control! […]

It’s Time for Them to Go!2020-08-14T09:39:55-04:00

Want to Have Clearer Phone Conversations?

Are you tired of struggling to hear people over the phone? Have you been diagnosed by a healthcare professional as hard of hearing? If you answered “yes” to both questions, our team has a solution—ClearCaptions. ClearCaptions is a free captioning service funded through Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act that works like closed captioning but for your phone! To qualify for this service, you must be diagnosed by a certified healthcare professional as hard of hearing. The service […]

Want to Have Clearer Phone Conversations?2020-08-04T13:40:26-04:00

How to Find a Reliable Doctor Before the End of the Summer

Are you moving to the Volusia area? Are you in need of a new primary care physician? Then make your way to our Approved Vendor, A One Family Practice. A One Family Practice is run by Dr. Kashyap Patel, MD, and Dr. Savitha B. Kasturi, DO, who are both affiliated with Advent Health Hospital and certified in Family Medicine. This practice has been serving the Volusia County area for over 15 years and is known to make patient satisfaction its […]

How to Find a Reliable Doctor Before the End of the Summer2020-08-04T13:39:28-04:00

Searching for the Right Physician?

Are you in need of a primary care physician? Do you live in the Daytona Beach area? If so, our Approved Vendor, A One Family Practice, is accepting new patients. A One Family Practice has been serving the Volusia County area for over 15 years. They have the experience and desire to care for your health genuinely. The One Family team specializes in both family and geriatric medicine. Their crew of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing the best care […]

Searching for the Right Physician?2020-07-29T09:54:25-04:00