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Keep Your Car Running Safely

When was the last time you had your car serviced? If it has been over six months, then it’s been too long! Like all age groups, seniors need dependable transportation. Having a reliable and safe car is critical to maintaining an independent and happy senior lifestyle. Keeping your car in top-running shape is a priority, and Andre’s Auto Repair shop is just the place to help your car start running like new again. Located in Ormond Beach, this locally owned […]

Keep Your Car Running Safely2020-08-20T11:00:05-04:00

Need an oil change?

Your car is one of the biggest investments in your life which makes car maintenance a necessity! Normal wear and tear can cause unwanted vehicle problems, yet negligence will result in expensive repairs and possible engine failure. Keeping your car in optimal condition through regular maintenance will keep your car, and wallet happy! However, there are many mechanics who are less than trustworthy and everyone has heard stories of a friend or acquaintance’s bad experience at a shop. So, who […]

Need an oil change?2019-08-29T16:04:14-04:00