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Computer Repairs

When you can’t call a friend or the next-door neighbor to help you fix a pesky computer issue, call Fast Teks! Fast Teks is located on 226 N. Nova Rd, Ormond Beach, Florida in Suite 143. There you will find a team of certified technicians that specialize in on-site computer care. Their team of experts is seasoned in repairing a range of computers or laptops whether they are PCs or Macs. Fast Teks is a Microsoft-certified partner and a […]

Computer Repairs2019-09-12T14:02:10-04:00

Brunch and Learn!

Join us on September 20th for our monthly Brunch and Learn! The event will be hosted by Golden Corral, at 225 Cypress Edge Dr. Palm Coast FL, 32164. They will be offering a special menu for just $3.99! Our guest speaker is Anthony Ford of Plan Life Care and he will be speaking about “VA Aid and Attendance.” Brunch and Learn will begin at 10 am until noon and is an open event for all of Our Seniors and anyone […]

Brunch and Learn!2019-09-06T10:22:17-04:00

Need an oil change?

Your car is one of the biggest investments in your life which makes car maintenance a necessity! Normal wear and tear can cause unwanted vehicle problems, yet negligence will result in expensive repairs and possible engine failure. Keeping your car in optimal condition through regular maintenance will keep your car, and wallet happy! However, there are many mechanics who are less than trustworthy and everyone has heard stories of a friend or acquaintance’s bad experience at a shop. So, who […]

Need an oil change?2019-08-29T16:04:14-04:00

Birds of A Feather

The OurSeniors Family of talent and services includes several organizations that are intended to market products to the 55+ and senior demographic (the Silver Consumer as we call it). This market is the fastest growing segment in many sectors and is already the largest segment in some geographies. In three of the eight counties in the distribution area, 55+ and senior adults now comprise more than 40% of total population (and growing).

The core value of, and related […]

Birds of A Feather2019-08-27T09:18:54-04:00

Targeting Seniors

What does it mean to “target” a market segment, especially the senior market segment? All marketers aim to meet the wants, needs, and interests of consumers when developing promotional campaigns and branding strategies. However, the gap between the intended and unintended audience is not always an easy one to bridge. A good deal of expensive advertising in general interest magazines or on TV is wasted because it is seen by an unintended audience.

The professionals at the Family of organizations […]

Targeting Seniors2019-08-16T09:48:31-04:00

The Value of “Being There”

Basketball great Michael Jordan once said, “You miss every shot you don’t take.” Woody Allen is a very unlikely success in show business. He once said, “Ninety percent of success is just showing up, being there.” How true that is! Woody showed up and eventually he succeeded, Michael took those shots and won big.

We can help you or your business, non-profit, service or professional practice to “Show Up” and “Be There” in the senior market. We do this through many […]

The Value of “Being There”2019-08-16T09:42:21-04:00

A Wide, Wide Net

As part of the Family, the OurSeniorsDiscounts organization can cast a wide net. We have been marketing to seniors for years, first through mail, then by internet, social media, print media and in face-to-face meetings during our Brunch and Learn events. We have the specialized skills needed to reach the senior market, the Silver Consumer who is so critical to success.

Our net is wide in the physical sense, with over 250 distribution points for our first-class publication, the […]

A Wide, Wide Net2019-08-08T09:33:09-04:00

Our Eight Counties are Great Counties! (for Senior Marketers) Magazine and the program have now expanded to eight of the most senior-centered counties in Florida! This coverage area now reaches a 55+ and senior population of over 1.3 million. That is one and a third million Silver Consumers, and they do consume everything from automotive services to house paint to financial planning.

The Family of organizations can offer you direct mail, local distribution at over 250 senior-frequented locations, participation in our direct-contact Brunch and Learn events and […]

Our Eight Counties are Great Counties! (for Senior Marketers)2019-08-08T09:31:35-04:00

Senior Marketing as a Specialty

The mission of the entire OurSeniors Family is to serve the needs of seniors in every way we can. Doing this, we have grown to be the force we are today, covering eight Florida counties and serving the needs of over 1.3 million seniors. We know seniors and we know senior marketing!

In serving senior needs, we also provide the perfect avenue for reaching that market segment. Seniors are a key part of your market weather you are trying to grow […]

Senior Marketing as a Specialty2019-08-01T10:17:02-04:00