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A Lesson From the ‘Big Guys’

//A Lesson From the ‘Big Guys’
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A Lesson From the ‘Big Guys’

Sometimes, small and local business owners or service providers could take a lesson from major chains and retailers. Consider the number of big-name stores, restaurants, movie theatres and other businesses that have some type of senior discount program.

You may be aware of senior discount offers from familiar names like Belk Stores, Denny’s, Applebee’s or Perkins Restaurants or Avis Car Rentals. All these national names have some form of senior discount or incentive to shop at their store, eat at their restaurant or use their service. They know what we know at know: Seniors Are Good Business!

That’s right Seniors Are Good Business. Seniors tend to be the most loyal customers, the return business that pays the bills and spreads the word about a senior-friendly place to shop or eat.  Seniors are also very effective network builders. They know each other well, they trade ‘hints’ on where to find the best buys and what to avoid. In short, they are probably very important to your business, service or professional practice.

As a small, local enterprise, how can you do what national names like Avis or Belk Stores do?  They have national advertising agencies and budgets, deals with the AARP and resources you do not have.  If you do business in central Florida or the Volusia-Flagler county area, we have a ready-made solution for you.

As part of the family of organizations, we have spent years building our relationship with our senior friends, readers and customers. We have done this through direct mail, printed publications, traditional website development and social media like YouTube and Facebook. We do not simply sit in the comfort of an office and wait for seniors to drop in and form a relationship. We go out and proactively network with seniors in the community.

We have built a distribution system for our senior living magazine, the Magazine, that stretches from the northern part of Flagler county to the southeastern area of Polk. In between are tens of thousands of 55+ and senior consumers who are potential customers, clients or patients. You can decide what type of incentive, discount or reward you want to offer, and we will carry that message to over 240 distribution sites in a seven-county area.

Those national businesses and chains know that senior incentives work to bring them immediate business and long-term, repeat customers. You can do that too by placing your very own coupon, discount offer or other incentive in the next issue of the publication. Our staff will carry it to the distribution system we have built, and that will put your enterprise in senior-oriented locations like Walmart, CVS Pharmacies and Denny’s restaurants throughout the area.

Please look at our website ( You will get a good idea of how easy it will be for seniors to find and print your coupon online as well as to clip it in the old-fashion way. You can get details about this outstanding opportunity by calling 386-204-4727 or contact us by email at Contact

In the Orange and Seminole county areas, you may contact our Territory Account Manager, Gena Julian, at 386-516-3969 Ext. 21 or by email at Email Gena Julian.