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Great News and Well Deserved Too! Magazine and was just upgraded from “A” to “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. So, what’s the difference between “A” and “A+”? A+ RatingThe organization has always been ranked as an “A” business, but you cannot get to “A+” status until you have maintained that standing for two years and scored 97 or more out of a possible 100 points. Now you know, the OurSeniors Family is here for the […]

Great News and Well Deserved Too!2019-05-15T08:17:23-04:00

A Lesson From the ‘Big Guys’

Sometimes, small and local business owners or service providers could take a lesson from major chains and retailers. Consider the number of big-name stores, restaurants, movie theatres and other businesses that have some type of senior discount program.

You may be aware of senior discount offers from familiar names like Belk Stores, Denny’s, Applebee’s or Perkins Restaurants or Avis Car Rentals. All these national names have some form of senior discount or incentive to shop at their store, eat at their […]

A Lesson From the ‘Big Guys’2019-05-09T10:59:56-04:00

Information Especially for Advertisers

Have you taken the time to read our “Especially for Advertisers” article? If you market to seniors, doing so will benefit you greatly. We know you are busy, so here are a few important points from that article:

  • The Family has spent years developing a special relationship with senior readers, viewers and friends. We can transfer that relationship to you and your business. We can introduce you to the ‘Silver Consumer,’ the most important person in many markets. […]
Information Especially for Advertisers2019-05-20T08:25:04-04:00

Reaching Senior Consumers With Printed Copy has spent years developing a special relationship with senior readers, viewers and friends. We know a lot about senior tastes, needs and habits, and we have often commented that seniors are far more active on social media and the internet than most people understand. We also know that for seniors and baby boomers, multichannel marketing works best. That may be true for all consumers, but it is especially accurate when it comes to marketing to Silver Consumers – the […]

Reaching Senior Consumers With Printed Copy2019-04-26T09:48:41-04:00

Get Your Own Pony Express!

Do you own a business or professional practice in the central Florida area? Imagine that you have hired someone to get your service or product in front of people, especially seniors, in seven counties (Flagler, Volusia, Seminole Orange, Lake, Osceola and Polk). You have hired a special employee to do this, printed up handbills and message-board notes, and now your new worker must distribute them.

You want them distributed over those seven counties, from places like Palm Coast and Bunnell in […]

Get Your Own Pony Express!2019-05-06T08:16:10-04:00

Silver Dollars!

It is no secret that Florida has a large and growing 55+ and senior population. The state has a total population approaching 20 million, and people over 60 make up nearly 23 percent of that population.

By 2020, Florida is expected to have a population of over 23.5 million, and people over 60 will make up over 28 percent of those residents. This is not a new trend; the population of Florida has increasingly grown more senior since the 1970s, and […]

Silver Dollars!2019-04-18T08:30:19-04:00

You Are Known by the Company You Keep!

That is correct, you and your business are known by the company you keep. That is why we like to tell our readers and friends that you can find the Family in well-known places like Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies, as well as in senior-friendly restaurants like Denny’s, DB Pickles, Peach Valley Café and Port Orange Steakhouse. Those establishments want to court the senior and 55+ adult market. Did we mention Walmart and Dollar Tree Stores?

You can also find us […]

You Are Known by the Company You Keep!2019-04-18T08:28:17-04:00

The first edition of now available

The first ever edition of the is now available at over 240 locations in Volusia-Flagler Counties and the central Florida area! Click to see Pickup Locations. If you are looking for a way to build your client or customer base, or to build loyalty in established patrons, can help. We have years of experience reaching out to senior patrons. Now we want to help you to do the same.

This is an opportunity to leverage your promotional […]

The first edition of now available2019-04-04T12:34:03-04:00