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Enjoy this Coupon for Culver’s

Hey, Seniors! Enjoy this wonderful coupon at Culver’s in Daytona Beach. These folks are great and the food is very yummy. Check it out only for and the coupon must be provided at the time of purchase and is good thru 3/31/2021.

Enjoy this Coupon for Culver’s2021-01-20T14:22:26-05:00

Happy New Year from the team at Magazine!

This year was something that none of us ever expected. We never experienced a nation-wide shutdown or pandemic. Our lives changed in a variety of ways and life took on a whole new meaning.

While it may seem like 2020 was the worst year, a few great things did happen.

  • We took more time to relax and enjoy the little things in life.
  • People took hygiene more seriously.
  • Everyone took a step back from their hectic lives to be with loved […]
Happy New Year from the team at Magazine!2020-12-30T13:12:35-05:00

Let’s Take a Moment to Remember the Attack on Pearl Harbor Today

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which is a reminder of the tragedy that happened this day in 1941. Franklin D. Roosevelt said it was “a date which will live in infamy” as the surprise attack by the Japanese Imperial Army caused more than 2,000 people to be killed. Four very important U.S. Navy battleships sank, and four others were damaged along with hundreds of aircraft destroyed or damaged.

We would like to remember those who lost their lives, their families […]

Let’s Take a Moment to Remember the Attack on Pearl Harbor Today2020-12-08T09:41:03-05:00