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It’s “King Customer” Week

//It’s “King Customer” Week
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It’s “King Customer” Week

Actually the customer is the king every week of the year! All business people, service providers and professional practices know this very well. That includes all of us at and at our new ‘baby’ has spent years developing a special relationship with senior readers, viewers and customers. Our multimedia approach includes successful use of websites like, social media like on Facebook and on YouTube, as well as our printed and online publication, Magazine. We have learned that there are several keys to reaching the senior consumer. We know their likes and dislikes, their preferences and their loyalties.

Seniors are the most likely of all customers to form long-term relationships with a brand, a service provider, professional practice or a retail business. That is why it is so important to get to this market early and form that lasting customer relationship. Building that first bond, that initial visit or buying experience is the key to breaking into this market.

We also know that in many cases, seniors are very “bargain sensitive.” They have the time to search out the best bargains in any local market and they have a built in infrastructure of senior friends, a network or web through which they get and give information. has devoted itself to becoming an important part of that senior web. Now we can offer advertisers a way to do just that for themselves. will give small business, professional practices or service providers a chance to reach the targeted senior market and entice them to form that lasting relationship through a coupon offering. We will do this through a unique combination of printed and online coupons that offer seniors an incentive in the form of a discount or special option designed explicitly for them.

Our distribution specifically targets the over 55 market. It is already established, large and growing rapidly in the Volusia, Flagler and greater Central Florida markets. Magazine is widely available at locations like CVS and Walgreen’s Pharmacies, Ace Hardware Stores, Walmart Stores and other locations. Its distribution is by subscription, direct mail, and circulation via local retail establishments. The magazine and our advertisers’ coupons will be easily available online as well as in the printed version. This printed and online distribution will offer advertisers an effective and cost effective way to reach these ‘Silver Consumers.’

Automotive related ads or coupons can be seen here. The graphic shows what an online lead in to one of these coupons would look like:Andres Auto

Call us for details about this outstanding opportunity. We can be reached at 386-204-4727 or contact us by email.