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Local Marketing Opportunities

The professionals at have spent years developing a special relationship with our senior readers, viewers and friends. Our blog articles are aimed especially at the 55+ adult, our YouTube and Facebook sites are there to inform and help seniors, our printed and online senior magazine ( Magazine) is filled with senior-related material. In short, we have worked very hard to earn the trust of seniors and their loved ones.

We know seniors, and we know senior marketing! We also know how difficult it has been to establish that relationship. It has been our full-time occupation for a long time, and we are still learning and growing. For most business operators or service providers, devoting that much time to the senior market is just not practical. That is the purpose of this new venture,

We already have a large and growing infrastructure of senior-oriented media that now covers seven counties in east-central Florida. This area has one of the highest concentrations of senior consumers in the United States; we want to help you reach that audience through our senior-targeted coupon program.

What about your business or service? What kind of business, professional practice or other organization can use this program? Let us make a few suggestions:

  • Food establishments (restaurants, cafes, etc.) can create relationships with seniors by offering coupon discounts on “early bird specials” or “senior day specials.” Many experts in the hospitality and travel business consider seniors to be the biggest source of potential new customers available to the food service industry. Seniors are considered to be very likely repeat customers, so getting them to try your special offer is a doorway to repeat business.
  • Local and tourist attractions (museums, amusements, cultural centers, sports centers, etc.) can create packages for seniors or local senior groups seeking fun activities. Organizations looking to reduce senior reluctance to try new activities may be especially interested; for example, a senior day with a discount at a ball game or a museum.
  • Gifts for Children or Grandchildren. Do not give up on the senior consumer for gifts that children might like. A grandparent discount for children’s clothing, admission to a theme park or theater might get you more customers then you imagine.
  • Home services (such as home cleaning services, plumbing, security services, etc.) are often needed by seniors. Most seniors want to remain in their familiar homes as long as possible. In-home services like house cleaning or light maintenance are common purchases for seniors, and we can help to introduce your business or service to the senior market.
  • Personal services (like senior fitness classes, yoga lessons or salon services) are more and more a part of active senior lifestyles. Those are the types of seniors to whom and cater. An introductory offer or discount coupon in the net Magazine will get your service business noticed!
  • Professional services (for example tax and accounting services, etc.) can be introduced to senior clients via special promotions or discount offers.
  • Entertainment (concerts, community theaters, movie theatres etc.) can move beyond the younger audience they may have been serving. Today’s active senior lifestyles includes getting out and going to these events.

Have we forgotten retailers, transportation providers, travel services, auto sales and services or vacation packages? No Way! All of these and many other businesses can benefit from their presence in printed and online offerings. is a great opportunity to leverage your advertising dollar in a way that increases your exposure in print, on the web and on social media, all at once!

Visit our new website at and you will get a good idea of how easy it will be for seniors to find and print your coupon online as well as to clip it in the old-fashion way. It’s a triple play for your advertising budget. You can get details about this outstanding opportunity by calling 386-204-4727 or contact us by email.


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