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Overspending on Prescription Costs?

///Overspending on Prescription Costs?
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Overspending on Prescription Costs?

Are you overspending on prescription drugs? According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, American’s spend $1200 annually on generic prescriptions alone. This number is higher than any other developed nation due to government-sanctioned monopolies. Under federal law, manufacturers who patent a new drug have 20 years to sell that medication exclusively, freeing them from any competitors. This law grants pharmaceutical companies the privilege of skyrocketing the costs of their medications. We cannot wait for 20 years for the price of a drug to go down when we need it now! Drug reformation is dire and needs to be a top priority for the federal government, in the meantime Contact SavOn Global Meds. SavOn Global Meds is a Florida-based company run by seniors that sources and sells low-cost, discounted prescription drugs to help seniors save money. All the branded and generic prescriptions are purchased from countries like Australia, and the U.K., which sell the same medicine seniors need at affordable prices. For a limited time, members of can save even more! SavOn Global Meds is offering our subscribers a special discount when you provide your membership ID. Save money on your prescriptions, and never overpay a dollar again! Call 561-250-8251 to receive a special quote.

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