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Saving Money During a Crisis

There was no way of predicting the profound effects COVID-19 would have on our economy. As of June 8th, the United States has officially entered an induced recession. Now is the time to be financially savvy. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on premium prices for medication, contact SavOn Global Meds and save your money! A senior-founded company, SavOn Global Meds, sells branded and generic prescription medications at a discounted price. They search worldwide and source their medicines from […]

Saving Money During a Crisis2020-06-09T09:39:33-04:00

Overspending on Prescription Costs?

Are you overspending on prescription drugs? According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, American’s spend $1200 annually on generic prescriptions alone. This number is higher than any other developed nation due to government-sanctioned monopolies. Under federal law, manufacturers who patent a new drug have 20 years to sell that medication exclusively, freeing them from any competitors. This law grants pharmaceutical companies the privilege of skyrocketing the costs of their medications. We cannot wait for 20 years for […]

Overspending on Prescription Costs?2020-02-25T09:26:34-05:00

Save Over 80% On Prescriptions

Prescriptions are expensive! According to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Americans spend about $1,200 per year on medicine. That average is higher than any other country in the world! Spending on pharmaceutical drugs has dramatically increased in the last 60 years, and one in four people say they struggle to afford their medicine. The prices for common branded drugs have increased by over 60% and is expected to continue rising. Medicare has become a massive payer for […]

Save Over 80% On Prescriptions2020-01-28T09:24:41-05:00

SavOn Global Meds

We have made another revolution around the sun, and the new year has begun! This new year, why not save a little money on your medications with SavOn Global Meds. The company is run by seniors dedicated to providing the best prices to the senior community. The Florida-based company sources branded and generic prescription medications at a discounted price. They search overseas to find the lowest rates among pharmacies around the world.

Countries like:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • India
  • The United Kingdom

The discounted […]

SavOn Global Meds2020-01-06T09:44:13-05:00

SavOn Global Meds

Are pricey medications taking massive chunks out of your budget? Do you find yourself struggling to find deals on daily prescriptions? If so, SavOn Global Meds could be your solution. SavOn Global Meds is an American company that sells discounted branded and generic prescription medication from overseas. They operate in the U.S. as a call center and find the lowest prices for both patented and generic drugs sold in the U.S., among approved and trusted pharmacies. They even have generic […]

SavOn Global Meds2019-12-18T09:43:28-05:00