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Reaching Senior Consumers With Printed Copy

//Reaching Senior Consumers With Printed Copy
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Reaching Senior Consumers With Printed Copy has spent years developing a special relationship with senior readers, viewers and friends. We know a lot about senior tastes, needs and habits, and we have often commented that seniors are far more active on social media and the internet than most people understand. We also know that for seniors and baby boomers, multichannel marketing works best. That may be true for all consumers, but it is especially accurate when it comes to marketing to Silver Consumers – the senior and 55+ demographic. Why?

Because seniors still remember a world in which magazines and newspapers were the main sources of information and news. Many younger people are completely unfamiliar with magazines and have seldom, if ever, read a newspaper. Professionals in marketing organizations are aware of this, and they channel most of their advertising effort (and dollars) into TV, internet and social media platforms. The senior market is decidedly different!

In a way, seniors are more multimedia than teenagers. It is true that seniors are less likely to use the web and social media, but they are more likely to obtain and keep printed material. This opens a great opportunity for business and professional people who want to reach out to seniors. It is called print advertising, and it works very well for seniors and 55+ adults.

Imagine you are a retired man or woman, and you know that you will be needing roofing or some other home maintenance work soon. One night, a television ad flashes by in 30 seconds for just the service you need, but you could not absorb the information that quickly. You had no notepad and no way to record the contact information. Your mind quickly wanders off to other concerns, and that TV spot is forgotten.

This is a common sequence of events, and it is the reason that so many television commercials are repeated over and over and over. Marketers know that they must be, to get the point (especially name and contact information) across to the viewer. A printed offer (in effect a permanent ad) is very different. Consumers have time to examine it at their leisure and they do not have to struggle to retain vital information like phone numbers, names or special offers. This is true for all age groups, but it is especially true for those senior and 55+ adults you want as customers.

The entire Family, especially understand this. We know it better than other marketers because senior marketing is our focus. Our senior living magazine is distributed free to thousands of seniors and 55+ adults each quarter. It is a high-quality, magazine-like format printed on glossy paper and placed in over 240 locations. These locations are in stores, restaurants, offices and other places that are likely to be visited frequently by our target audience.

We have sought out locations in drug stores like Walgreens and CVS where seniors are likely to go each month for prescription refills. Our pickup locations are also in restaurants like Denny’s that offer senior specials, in doctors offices that see many senior patients each day, in chain stores like Walmart that attract thousands of seniors each day. These locations are distributed over a seven county Florida geography that is heavily populated with senior and retirement age adults. In short, we have a ready-made highway to deliver your business information to senior consumers and customers.

Think about this:

  • A TV or radio ad must be repeated and paid for many times before it is retained in the customer’s memory. Your print ad with is carried away with the person you want to reach. net Magazine is a free, high-quality publication that is likely to be retained and used as a reference. It is filled with senior-oriented content from professionals specializing in senior issues.
  • The retained magazine includes the OurSeniorsDiscounts section that accompanies the publication. Your ad, your business information, literally stays with the senior.
  • We know that seniors are more likely to read and retain printed information, as in the OurSeniorsDiscounts section. We also know that seniors frequent social media and internet sites. This is not new to the OurSeniors Family. We have been reaching out to seniors via the web for years and your business information will also be in social media sites like Facebook and on the web at net. Your ad will be leveraged in a website, social media and a print format likely to be retained.
  • There are too many pickup sites to list here, so click on Pickup Locations to see this impressive market penetration.

The staff at is busy now positioning business information and ads in both the printed magazine and the pullout section. It is filling up for the summer edition, so please contact us now. We can be reached at 386-204-4727 or click on Contact to reach us by email.