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Silver Dollars!

//Silver Dollars!
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Silver Dollars!

It is no secret that Florida has a large and growing 55+ and senior population. The state has a total population approaching 20 million, and people over 60 make up nearly 23 percent of that population.

By 2020, Florida is expected to have a population of over 23.5 million, and people over 60 will make up over 28 percent of those residents. This is not a new trend; the population of Florida has increasingly grown more senior since the 1970s, and with the aging of the “baby boomers,” this trend will continue.

Think about the power of “Silver Dollars”, the purchasing power of 55+ and senior Floridians! That senior spending power is $135 billion annually, almost $15 billion more than residents aged 49 and under. Think about the facts cited below:

  • Statewide, seniors account for 50 percent of all new home construction.
  • Each year, Florida’s seniors contribute $3.5 billion to charities. Non-profits, take note!
  • Each year, seniors expend $9 billion in out-of-pocket expenses for medical care, and pay $1.4 billion more in state taxes than they receive in social services.
  • After all services are rendered, Florida’s senior community contributes a $2.8 billion net tax benefit.
  • Florida seniors are the state’s largest voting block; in our recent general elections, they have comprised more than 40 percent of all voters.
  • Many seniors are volunteers, donating their time and talent where they network with other seniors.
  • The retirement industry, which includes housing, medical services, hospitality, and recreation, is a “clean” industry. Great for Florida!

Seniors are great for Florida and they can be great for your business too! But how can you reach out to this large and fast-growing market? The professionals in the Family have been doing this for years. We were doing it when print was the main (sometimes, the only) way to reach our seniors. We were doing it on the internet when few businesses had even a basic web presence.

We were doing it when social media started, and we were among the first to see that seniors network and use Facebook, just as teenagers do. We also understand that social media sites like Facebook can be an avenue to the Silver Dollars we mentioned above. We continue to do it through innovative and proactive activities like our Brunch and Learn Events where we meet in person with 55+ adults and senior consumers. We network with them, educate them, get their opinions and learn from them!

The purpose of the program is to give your business an opportunity to use all these resources to gain a share of the senior market. The OurSeniors Family can give you a ready-made distribution system to get your message out in print, with traditional web services, lively social media, old fashioned direct mail, and even direct, in-person networking through our unique “Brunch and Learn Events.”

Let us show you how to leverage your advertising/promotional dollars across our multi-media platforms. We can put your business, service or practice in front of thousands of seniors and 55+ adults across central Florida. The next printed edition of coupon distribution will not be ready until July, but you can get into the online edition now. Think how you can make your enterprise known through:

Take a minute now to contact us by email at Contact or by phone at 386-204-4727. Have a great day and pick up a copy of Magazine and the insert at your local Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Denny’s Restaurants and fine business everywhere.