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Some Thoughts On Marketing to Seniors

///Some Thoughts On Marketing to Seniors
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Some Thoughts On Marketing to Seniors has spent years developing a special, lasting and trusting relationship with senior readers, viewers and followers. Experience has taught us how to reach and influence this vital market sector by putting them first, earning their trust. Now, wants to help businesses and service providers to do the same. Winning a senior customer often means having a great customer for life. Seniors can become the heart and soul of a business, professional practice or service provider’s customer base.

Let’s think about the senior market, the “Silver Consumer.”

  • Seniors are not one group. Today, the word “senior” might mean “Pre-Retirees,” 50+ adults who are still actively employed but looking hard at the post-work world. This group may also attract younger spouses (45-54) married to older partners. There are “Active Retirees,” 65+ adults; these seniors may no longer earn active income, and they are often looking for opportunities to make their cash go as far as possible.

    “Grandparents” may be any age 55+, and they may deserve a separate segment, because they spend money on grandchildren or younger relatives. Do not forget that grandparents purchase not only for their own needs, they also buy toys, clothes and consumables for their relatives.

    There are also “Late Retirees,” age groups above the standard retirement age who are still active and consuming goods and services, if at a lower level. All of these senior sectors have special tastes and needs that we can target for you.

  • Why Market to Seniors? As Willie Sutton, the famous bank robber, once said, “That’s where the money is!” A judge had just asked him why he, a talented man, robbed banks. It is more and more the case that silver consumers are where the money, the purchasing power resides. Each day, 10,000 adults enter the demographic we call “silver consumers.” The senior age group will soon have many times the spending power of their younger counterparts. Clearly, they deserve the attention of marketers, but the majority of national advertisers choose to overlook this group.
  • How Can You Reach the Senior Market? Reaching this market requires some unique skills and knowledge. We at have been developing that skill set for a long time. We know this market and we know what it takes.

    We know that seniors appreciate relevance, the use of thoughtful, clear language that gives them a reason or an incentive to try a product a service or a professional practice. We can put exactly that incentive in their hands through the use of our discount and special offer coupons.

We understand that seniors use technology far more than most marketers appreciate, but they are also more likely to use printed media than are younger consumers. Our programs use a multimedia approach of a physical printed magazine ( Magazine) with a pullout coupon section plus online and social media involvement. We pay careful attention to image selection because we understand the importance of visual images. We want to connect to the image of a person they believe could be themselves.

This is your chance to access that market. Please contact today so that we can show you how to use our experience, the trust we have earned over the years, the multifaceted resources we can bring to bear for you! . Find out how by reading our plan, “Especially for Advertisers.” We can be reached at 386-204-4727 or by clicking Magazine to reach us by email.