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The Effort We Make


The Effort We Make

In the OurSeniors Family, we like to say that we have spent years building our relationships with seniors and 55+ adults. During that time, we have developed numerous tools for networking with seniors. Those include:

  • The traditional internet and web services.
  • Our flagship publication, the Magazine and Magazine Online, its web version.
  • Most recently, the unique Brunch and Learn Events.

These are all great examples, accomplishments to be proud of, but when it comes to shear time and effort spent, nothing exceeds our accomplishment in distributing the physical copies of Magazine. From a start of zero locations less than two years ago, we have now grown to 240+ pickup sites in seven Florida counties. These locations are “prime real-estate” for a publication aimed at seniors, sites like physicians and other professional offices, pharmacies like CVS and Walgreen, major chains like Walmart Stores, even the Ormond Beach City Hall and the Flagler County Senior Services Office.

Why have we gone to so much effort? Because we understand that print is still the preferred media for many seniors, and it is the only media for some of them. Seniors grew up reading magazines or newspapers and they still like printed material better than any other age group. Although seniors are far more tech-savvy than many believe, they still like the feel of real books and magazines. They are more likely to pick up quality printed material, read it, retain it and share it with others.

The OurSeniors Family started as an online service for helping seniors to find the best available senior assisted living facilities. It quickly grew into the field of magazine publishing, and today that is a big part of our effort. Our distribution system makes it possible for small business people, professionals and service providers to reach seniors from Flagler County to Polk.

The entire OurSeniors Family has worked hard to place its 168 pickup locations in the Volusia-Flagler area and its 45 sites in the Orange-Seminole geography. We are growing everywhere! Consider these two points:

  • This requires a lot of effort each time we distribute a new edition. We do this because we understand seniors, and we know how much they value print material.
  • Our pickup sites are major league, brand name locations like Dollar Tree, Denny’s Restaurants and Walgreens Pharmacies, as well as professional offices and government locations. These impressive people have trusted the Our Seniors Family to provide high-quality material for their senior customers, clients and patients. They believe that and its Family of organizations can provide dependable and trustworthy information to their valued patrons.

As a small business person or service provider, you can take advantage of this established network of senior-friendly locations. Please give us an opportunity to explain in detail how we can make your service, your product or professional practice known to the 55+ and senior audience. First, read our plan in, “Especially for Advertisers,” then call us at 386-204-4727,or click on Contact to reach us by email.