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The Newest Addition

  • Magazine Fall 2019

The Newest Addition

Did you hear the news? is officially transitioning into a subscription service! Starting in January 2020 we will be offering an annual subscription service to our seniors for just $20! There is a $10 discount for readers who would like to subscribe for two years! The service will deliver the newest high-quality printed magazine edition of directly to our reader’s doorsteps. Long gone are the days of forgetting to pick up an edition or missing out on valuable information, especially for those seniors who are seasonal residents in Florida. Our subscribers will have the newest edition of Magazine delivered directly to their homes without having to worry. These new subscriptions also make the perfect gift for a loved one or fellow senior during this upcoming holiday season! Our new service benefits both readers and local businesses by allowing the network to continue growing with the senior community. is continuously growing and raising its standard to guarantee the highest quality of service to the golden community. There will be more exciting developments soon as continues to help and expand.

Subscribe by calling 386-200-5444 or click Subscribe.

For information about any senior-related need, you may contact an Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or Contact Us. Check out our website at and take an online look at our senior living magazine, Magazine.