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Happy Birthday, USA!

Happy Birthday, USA!

Happy Birthday, America and All You Stand For. Today is our nation’s 243rd Birthday! It is also a great big sales event. Switch on the TV or radio today and you are going to see and hear a lot of very expensive advertising.

Has it ever occurred to you that a great deal of that advertising completely misses the audience for which it was intended? If you are Home Depot or Lowes, you can afford to advertise cordless drills knowing that the teenage girls and grandmothers who see, hear or read the ad probably have little interest in them. The audience contains a certain number of people who are interested, so it is worth it to those big corporations.

The small businesses, local service providers or professional practices who serve their local communities cannot afford to do this. They must target their advertising dollars and leverage the exposure they get from that expense. If seniors and 55+ adults are a big part of your market, the Family of organizations can help you.  We specialize in doing two things: helping meet the needs of seniors and influencing them to patronize our advertising partners. Those partners make possible our efforts to reach out and help seniors throughout the central Florida region.

Recently, we ran across an interesting statistic: by 2020, there will be over 1.3 million seniors and 55+ adults in our eight-county coverage area. That is thousands of potential customers you can reach by association with the Family and the promotional vehicle.  Think about this county by county:

Flaglertotal 55+ & senior48,695
Laketotal 55+ & senior146,384
Orangetotal 55+ & senior336,478
Osceolatotal 55+ & senior99,897
Polktotal 55+ & senior240,078
St Johntotal 55+ & senior87,788
Seminoletotal 55+ & senior137,354
Volusiatotal 55+ & senior221,240
Total for coverage area1,317,914

Our quarterly publication, the Magazine is distributed free at over 250 locations in this senior market. It is read, shared and retained by thousands of seniors, family members and caretakers each month. The pullout section goes with it, into the homes of all those potential customers.

The distribution specifically targets the over 55 market, it is FREE to consumers, distributed with those thousands of printed copies of Magazine throughout Central Florida, as well as being online. Find out how you can get your business or service into those homes right now by: