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Let’s Get A Buzz Going!

//Let’s Get A Buzz Going!
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Let’s Get A Buzz Going!

To get a new customer, a new client or patron, you must first get their attention. How will your business grab the attention of new customers? We can show you how, because we have been doing it for a long time.

We can show you how to get your business name in front of thousands of potential customers in a simple, highly effective way. Starting in April, our high-quality, senior-targeted magazine, the Magazine will contain a pullout section containing printed offers aimed at seniors, their families and loved ones. The printed version of will be distributed across seven counties in central and east coast Florida. Thousands of copies will be placed in the hands of people who need your service or product.

In addition, the online website at will make these coupon offers available to download and print; they will also be promoted on our popular website and on social media as well. You will get a three-part buzz: print, web and social media!

Let us explain this in detail. Find out how by reading our plan in, “Especially for Advertisers.” We can be reached at 386-204-4727 or click on Contact