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Birds of A Feather

The OurSeniors Family of talent and services includes several organizations that are intended to market products to the 55+ and senior demographic (the Silver Consumer as we call it). This market is the fastest growing segment in many sectors and is already the largest segment in some geographies. In three of the eight counties in the distribution area, 55+ and senior adults now comprise more than 40% of total population (and growing).

The core value of, and related […]

Birds of A Feather2019-08-27T09:18:54-04:00

Senior Marketing as a Specialty

The mission of the entire OurSeniors Family is to serve the needs of seniors in every way we can. Doing this, we have grown to be the force we are today, covering eight Florida counties and serving the needs of over 1.3 million seniors. We know seniors and we know senior marketing!

In serving senior needs, we also provide the perfect avenue for reaching that market segment. Seniors are a key part of your market weather you are trying to grow […]

Senior Marketing as a Specialty2019-08-01T10:17:02-04:00