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Have You Heard of is one of the newest additions to the family. The organization arose after the realization of a dire need for quality social interaction within the senior community. Many seniors live in assisted living facilities or nursing homes and are terribly lonely. Some of them are without friends or family to stop by and visit. According to a study published by the Association for Psychological Science, loneliness and social isolation increase the risk factors of early mortality. These […]

Have You Heard of

How to Brand Yourself, “Senior-Friendly”

We have often suggested that businesses and service providers should brand themselves as “senior friendly.” If you want to attract the patronage of the Silver Consumers who are so very important in Florida, this is a must. But how do you do this?

Because of’s association with the Family, we are often involved in outreach programs to seniors. Recently, the OurSeniors Family began a new venture – the group, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. exists […]

How to Brand Yourself, “Senior-Friendly”2019-07-03T13:30:33-04:00