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The Power of Print PLUS Online

//The Power of Print PLUS Online
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The Power of Print PLUS Online

The website and its printed coupon publication are both new, but the knowledge, skill and experience behind them are not. Those assets go back years. This new avenue for reaching senior consumers is the ‘brainchild’ of, an already successful and growing enterprise in the heart of the ‘Silver Consumer’ capital of America, the state of Florida!

If you operate a business, a professional practice or a service organization in Florida, that underlined phrase just above is a key to your success. Senior consumers are important everywhere, but in the state of Florida, they are absolutely vital to any marketing effort. The professionals at understand this perfectly. We have spent years building a relationship of trust and confidence with our senior friends and audience.

We also understand that seniors rely on printed material more commonly than younger consumers do. Through the organization, we have already established a multimedia platform that reaches thousands of senior consumers. The printed arm of that network is the magazine, Magazine. This high-quality printed magazine is distributed free to consumers at locations like CVS and Walgreen’s Pharmacies, Ace Hardware, Walmart and other locations in seven counties. All of this distribution area has a heavy concentration of senior consumers. It is a ready-made distribution system for our new addition, starts life with a wealth of online experience as well. Our experience as a web presence includes the home site of, as well as a very active social media presence on pages like Facebook, Google +,  YouTube and now

These sites and social media pages specifically target the over 55 market, including seniors, their loved ones and their caretakers. We know that the stereotype of a clueless older man or woman who is not able to find Facebook on their smart phone is baloney! Today, seniors are the demographic with the fastest rate of adoption for social media and online interaction. We have been there with them for years!

During those years, we have built up the type of long-term, trusting relationship that senior consumers appreciate. Our online offerings are content rich, giving the senior reader or viewer reason to return again and again. We have learned that this online relationship translates into recognition and a high valuation of the printed magazine. This one-two punch of printed literature and online presence has given us the expertise needed to reach senior consumers. Now, we want to help other senior-friendly business and professional people reach these dependable, discerning consumers with the same one-two combination of print and e-media.

The Coupon Book will be FREE to consumers, distributed with thousands of printed copies of Magazine throughout Central Florida and also widely seen online. By extending some special offer to senior consumers in, you can get a customer for life! That is the power of Print Plus Online Marketing. You have twice the chance to get your product or service known to the consumer, and to incentivize that senior consumer to give your business a try.

This is a high-quality, glossy publication that is likely to be retained and used as a guide to senior consumer choices. Call us for details about this outstanding opportunity. We can be reached at 386-204-4727 or contact us by email.