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What Kind of Businesses Are in the OurSeniorsDiscounts Directory?

Before you say, “Not me” to advertising in a senior-oriented medium like, or Magazine, take a minute to look at the professionals and business owners who do. What do you think you will find?

There are some entries that you would expect. Senior placement advisors, Medicare insurance providers, and organizations that deliver expert in-home care are all represented. But so are nonprofits, community service organizations, tax experts and computer services organizations. The fact is that most seniors remain active […]

What Kind of Businesses Are in the OurSeniorsDiscounts Directory?2019-08-01T10:15:57-04:00

The Promotion is Here!

The first week in April will see the new Spring Edition of the Magazine available free of charge at over 240 pickup locations. (Click to see Pickup Locations) This printed and online magazine is already a huge success, having grown from a small start to a distribution of thousands of copies over seven central Florida counties for each edition. Way to Grow, OurSeniors!!

Now, there is an even better reason to pick up, read or advertise in Magazine. […]

The Promotion is Here!2019-03-27T13:03:28-04:00

Do You Know What Seniors Are Doing Online?

“Know your market.” That is a key to success in any sector or demographic. What do your targeted customers do when they look for entertainment or recreation, shop or make a buying decision, especially on the internet?

At and, our customer base is seniors and 55+ adults. We have a special interest in marketing to seniors and “boomers,” in part because of our physical location in the central and east coast Florida area. This beautiful area is home to […]

Do You Know What Seniors Are Doing Online?2019-03-14T09:58:31-04:00

The Power of Print PLUS Online

The website and its printed coupon publication are both new, but the knowledge, skill and experience behind them are not. Those assets go back years. This new avenue for reaching senior consumers is the ‘brainchild’ of, an already successful and growing enterprise in the heart of the ‘Silver Consumer’ capital of America, the state of Florida!

If you operate a business, a professional practice or a service organization in Florida, that underlined phrase just above is a […]

The Power of Print PLUS Online2019-02-02T08:26:35-05:00