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The Newest Addition

Did you hear the news? is officially transitioning into a subscription service! Starting in January 2020 we will be offering an annual subscription service to our seniors for just $20! There is a $10 discount for readers who would like to subscribe for two years! The service will deliver the newest high-quality printed magazine edition of directly to our reader’s doorsteps. Long gone are the days of forgetting to pick up an edition or missing out on valuable […]

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Pick-up locations

Did you know you can pick up a copy of the Magazine? We have partnered up with your neighboring Walmart and provided copies of our magazine to the local community.

In Orange County, we offer pick-up locations at:

  • 10500 west Colonial Dr, Ocoee
  • 3838 S. Semoran Blvd, Orlando
  • 8801 Conroy Windermere Rd, Orlando
  • 2500 S. Kirkman Rd, Orlando
  • 2715 S. Orange Ave, Orlando.

We are now offering new pick-up locations in St. Johns County at:

  • 845 Durbin Pavilion Dr, Julington […]
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Get Your Copy Today! Magazine, the flagship publication of the OurSeniors Family goes hand-in-hand with Each and every printed copy of this fine publication carries with it the OurSeniorsDiscounts Coupon Directory of great deals aimed at the 55+ and senior market. Imagine what an advantage it would be to have your business or professional practice featured in the Directory.

Right now, the Summer Edition of Magazine is being distributed to more than 250 pickup locations throughout an eight-county area in central Florida […]

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The Family Offers You a Deal!

You know (we hope!) that OurSeniorsDiscounts,net is part of a larger family of organizations that are all dedicated to a common mission: serving the needs of seniors. That is why we try to associate with such a variety of partners, each filling some area of senior need. The Family has included financial and accounting professionals, legal experts, medical doctors, assisted living facilities, health insurance agencies and underwriters, home care providers, dentists and non-profits.

This would be impressive if we were […]

The Family Offers You a Deal!2019-06-07T11:23:40-04:00

Find an Magazine Pickup Location Easily!

The Family is very proud of the magazine distribution system we have established. Our high-quality publication is available in over 240 senior-friendly locations in Volusia, Flagler and nearby counties. Obviously, it would be crowded to list each of the locations in any single short blog or article. Now, there is a great new way to quickly locate the nearest Magazine pickup location. A search box makes it easy!

Just go the Pickup Locations page, find the search box […]

Find an Magazine Pickup Location Easily!2019-05-21T10:54:15-04:00

Information Especially for Advertisers

Have you taken the time to read our “Especially for Advertisers” article? If you market to seniors, doing so will benefit you greatly. We know you are busy, so here are a few important points from that article:

  • The Family has spent years developing a special relationship with senior readers, viewers and friends. We can transfer that relationship to you and your business. We can introduce you to the ‘Silver Consumer,’ the most important person in many markets. […]
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The Effort We Make

In the OurSeniors Family, we like to say that we have spent years building our relationships with seniors and 55+ adults. During that time, we have developed numerous tools for networking with seniors. Those include:

  • The traditional internet and web services.
  • Our flagship publication, the Magazine and Magazine Online, its web version.
  • Most recently, the unique Brunch and Learn Events.

These are all great examples, accomplishments to be proud of, but when it comes to shear time […]

The Effort We Make2019-05-02T12:18:11-04:00

Print Distribution and the Senior Market

At the OurSeniors Family, we are very proud of our flagship publication, the Magazine. Each quarter, this high-quality printed magazine is distributed free of charge to thousands of seniors and 55+ consumers throughout our coverage area. That means that it is seen, picked up and read by those consumers from the northern part of Flagler County, south and west all the way to Polk County.

When a senior reader enjoys any publication and there is important information about topics of […]

Print Distribution and the Senior Market2019-05-02T12:13:27-04:00

The Promotion is Here!

The first week in April will see the new Spring Edition of the Magazine available free of charge at over 240 pickup locations. (Click to see Pickup Locations) This printed and online magazine is already a huge success, having grown from a small start to a distribution of thousands of copies over seven central Florida counties for each edition. Way to Grow, OurSeniors!!

Now, there is an even better reason to pick up, read or advertise in Magazine. […]

The Promotion is Here!2019-03-27T13:03:28-04:00