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Our Very Extended Family

If you have had contact with, or any part of the OurSeniors Family of services and organizations, you know that we are an extensive collection of talent and facilities. Our traditional web presence, at, the printed and online versions of Magazine are examples of our online and in-print reach.

The Brunch and Learn Events, give us a chance to meet and network personally with seniors, the Silver Consumers we want to reach and influence. Our […]

Our Very Extended Family2019-08-27T09:17:41-04:00

Do Seniors Still Shop?

We like to say that the distribution specifically targets the senior and over-55 adult market. What does that mean? The most important thing it means is that we target a huge section of the total market for many types of goods and services. This can range from legal and financial services to hair stylists to health insurance to pizza.

The next time you are in a Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Denny’s Restaurant, or Dollar Tree Store, look around and do your […]

Do Seniors Still Shop?2019-07-18T14:48:16-04:00