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Marketing to Seniors

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Let’s THINK About Marketing to Seniors

Most entrepreneurs, professional practices, service providers and business people spend a lot of time thinking about their own business, their product or service and how they can improve it. They spend less time thinking about how they market this output in general and less still about the market segments they are trying to reach. Marketing specifically to the 55+ and senior market probably gets little or no attention at all.

That is a huge mistake in most markets, and in the […]

Let’s THINK About Marketing to Seniors2019-03-22T13:34:54-04:00

Marketing to Seniors

Marketing to seniors can be a challenge. The tastes, subject matter, styles and even the graphics that appeal to senior readers or viewers may be very different from those of other demographics. Marketing professionals tell us that in general, seniors are more cautious and thoughtful about buying decisions than are younger people. They are more discerning, more likely to read fine print and to compare available choices.

In fact, senior marketing might be considered a ‘subspecialty’ in the field of marketing. […]

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