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Let’s Get A Buzz Going!

To get a new customer, a new client or patron, you must first get their attention. How will your business grab the attention of new customers? We can show you how, because we have been doing it for a long time.

We can show you how to get your business name in front of thousands of potential customers in a simple, highly effective way. Starting in April, our high-quality, senior-targeted magazine, the Magazine will contain a pullout section containing printed […]

Let’s Get A Buzz Going!2019-03-07T11:00:43-05:00

Get a Market Lever!

Engineers understand something called the “Principle of the Lever.” A lever multiplies an input force to provide a greater output force; this is called leverage. In marketing we have ways to achieve leverage as well!

The professionals at have spent years cultivating a trusting, solid relationship with Silver Consumers, the 55+ adult consumers that are vital to your success. Now we want to help you leverage that relationship for your small business, professional practice or service enterprise. Let us […]

Get a Market Lever!2019-02-21T09:56:24-05:00

Some Thoughts On Marketing to Seniors has spent years developing a special, lasting and trusting relationship with senior readers, viewers and followers. Experience has taught us how to reach and influence this vital market sector by putting them first, earning their trust. Now, wants to help businesses and service providers to do the same. Winning a senior customer often means having a great customer for life. Seniors can become the heart and soul of a business, professional practice or service provider’s customer base.

Let’s think […]

Some Thoughts On Marketing to Seniors2019-02-14T17:38:52-05:00

Senior Marketing

It isn’t new to us! No, marketing to seniors is not new to the professionals at We have been doing it for years using direct mail, printed magazines, websites, social media, audio and video tools and live events aimed especially at seniors. Take a look at the YouTube entry titled, “Our Seniors Brunch & Learn Feb 1, 2019 – Birthday addition.”

This event and its YouTube record are products of the pros at We know and understand […]

Senior Marketing2019-02-14T17:37:13-05:00 has a new “baby!”

It is an exciting service to the seniors we serve, as well as to the business and professional people who want to reach this vital market. will offer merchants, professionals and service providers a way to attract new customers and build lasting relationships with seniors. Here are a few details: has a new “baby!”2019-01-24T09:41:43-05:00