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Pizzeria Valdiano

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Have You Tried the Most Amazing Pizza in Town?

Want to have the best pizza in Florida? Then make your way to Pizzeria Valdiano! Pizzeria Valdiano has been voted the best pizza in Orlando 12 times in a row by the Orlando Sentinel! This family-owned business creates authentic hand-made pizza with the best flavor profile in town. Their creations are impressive, unique, and delicious.

Their menu includes:

  • Salads
  • Appetizers like yummy mozzarella sticks
  • Italian specialties like eggplant parmigiana
  • Subs and panini’s like stromboli primavera
  • Desserts like authentic cannolis and NY […]
Have You Tried the Most Amazing Pizza in Town?2020-07-08T13:17:27-04:00

The Best Comfort Food

What is America’s favorite comfort food? If you guessed, ice cream, chocolate, or fries, you are WRONG! According to a survey conducted by the Harris Poll and published by the Food Network, pizza is America’s favorite comfort food. More than 67 percent of Americans use their favorite comfort food as a mood booster, and 65 percent consider it self-care. Regardless of age, gender, or location, pizza is always a suitable choice for every occasion, from sports games to girls’ night. […]

The Best Comfort Food2020-06-25T10:54:28-04:00

Wow! Now That is Good!

Want to try the best pizza in Central Florida? Then type in Pizzeria Valdiano into your smartphone! Pizzeria Valdiano not only claims to be the best pizza in town; they have been voted as the best pizzeria 12 times by the Orlando Sentinel! This family-owned business has been perfecting the art of authentic hand-made pizza for the past 30 years. Each of their 30 specialty pies is unique and will not be found in any other pizzeria. If pizza is […]

Wow! Now That is Good!2020-05-28T17:38:57-04:00

Hip Hip Hooray!

Do you know anyone with a quarantine birthday this month? If so, surprise them with a fantastic pizza party pie from Pizzeria Valdiano. Pizzeria Valdiano not only claims to be the best pizza in town, they have been voted as the best 12 times by the Orlando Sentinel! For the past 30 years, the family-owned business has perfected the art of authentic hand-made pizza creations and has been impressing families in Central Florida every night. Surprise your loved one with […]

Hip Hip Hooray!2020-05-20T13:37:13-04:00

Mama Mia, It Feels Good to Be Back!

Let the pizza party begin! America is opening up her doors again and everyone is raving about it! Pizzeria Valdiano is one of the local restaurants that is complying with local regulations and is open to guests. Known as the 12-time winner of the “Best Pizza in Central Florida” Orlando Sentinel Foodie Award, Pizzeria Valdiano does not disappoint. One bite of their delicious pizza will have you reaching for seconds before you know it. For a limited time, Pizzeria Valdiano […]

Mama Mia, It Feels Good to Be Back!2020-05-05T09:31:57-04:00

I am Over It!

Reupholster your couch! Lose 50 pounds! Learn how to speak French in 30 days! The list of things you should be doing during quarantine is endless. Keeping busy has been so glorified in American culture that even during a pandemic, people are pushing to do more! The media wants you to feel like you have not done enough with your newfound “free time.” But here is the truth, you do not have to always optimize your time during this quarantine. […]

I am Over It!2020-04-22T09:23:07-04:00

Mama Mia!

What do you get when you mix fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and spices? Anything Italian! Just kidding. The right answer is pizza! Pizza is an American staple and child favorite. Instead of staying in tonight, why not treat yourself with some pizza from Pizzeria Valdiano. Their recipes are hand-made and have been perfected over the past 30 years.

They offer:

  • 30 specialty pies
  • Pizza by the slice
  • Stromboli
  • Subs
  • Salads
  • Pastries
  • Espresso and more

If you want the original taste of Italy in […]

Mama Mia!2020-03-03T09:51:33-05:00

Pizzeria Valdiano

Want to take a break from cooking tonight? Why not try Pizzeria Valdiano in Winter Park! They have been developing and perfecting their recipes over the past 30 years. They only use the freshest ingredients and offer more than two dozen items. The Valdiano’s provides the most authentic taste of Italy. They are 12-time winners of the Orlando Sentinel Foodie Award for “Best Pizza in Central Florida.” Subscribers of Magazine can receive 20% off their total purchase. […]

Pizzeria Valdiano2019-12-31T09:39:05-05:00