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Targeting Seniors

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Targeting Seniors

What does it mean to “target” a market segment, especially the senior market segment? All marketers aim to meet the wants, needs, and interests of consumers when developing promotional campaigns and branding strategies. However, the gap between the intended and unintended audience is not always an easy one to bridge. A good deal of expensive advertising in general interest magazines or on TV is wasted because it is seen by an unintended audience.

The professionals at the Family of organizations have been in the targeting business for years. First in general marketing, but more and more into the niche of senior marketing. We think we are pretty good at reaching and influencing this important market segment. We specifically target the over 55 market through our first-class printed magazine, the Magazine. Our social media pages are aimed at attracting senior audiences, we have formed partnerships with numerous senior service organizations, senior-centered businesses and professional service providers. We actively engage senior audiences with our twice-a-month Brunch and Learn events.

All of this has taught us that marketing to seniors is a specialty in some ways and like all other marketing in others. First, foremost and ALWAYS we remember that content is king! Seniors do not pick up, read and retain our magazine because they want to see ads. They do not visit our website or our social media pages because they are looking for a good attorney or realtor (even though many advertise with us). Seniors read and view our material because its content is trustworthy, entertaining and useful.

This very week, our website,, continues our series of “Medicare Minute” articles with a discussion of Advantage Plans. We know that the subject of Medicare is a magnet for senior readers and viewers. The last edition of the Magazine featured content on Home Health Care, Five Star Medicare Advantage Plans and Legal Aid for Seniors. Our readers and viewers consume these products because these subjects are of interest to them. They are looking for the content, and ours is content that interests, engages and informs them. That is how we target seniors; we do it by taking their side, educating them and entertaining them.

By choosing to advertise in our printed magazine, our web publications, our social media sites or the OurSeniorsDiscounts program, you can associate your business or service with the senior market. You say to the senior audience that you share their concerns, understand their needs and want their business. Specifically targeting the over 55 market, our magazine is FREE to consumers. Thousands of printed copies are distributed throughout Central Florida, as well as being online. You can find out more right now by


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