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Targeting Seniors

What does it mean to “target” a market segment, especially the senior market segment? All marketers aim to meet the wants, needs, and interests of consumers when developing promotional campaigns and branding strategies. However, the gap between the intended and unintended audience is not always an easy one to bridge. A good deal of expensive advertising in general interest magazines or on TV is wasted because it is seen by an unintended audience.

The professionals at the Family of organizations […]

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Our Eight Counties are Great Counties! (for Senior Marketers) Magazine and the program have now expanded to eight of the most senior-centered counties in Florida! This coverage area now reaches a 55+ and senior population of over 1.3 million. That is one and a third million Silver Consumers, and they do consume everything from automotive services to house paint to financial planning.

The Family of organizations can offer you direct mail, local distribution at over 250 senior-frequented locations, participation in our direct-contact Brunch and Learn events and […]

Our Eight Counties are Great Counties! (for Senior Marketers)2019-08-08T09:31:35-04:00

Our Wide, Wide Reach

We have been communicating with and influencing seniors and 55+ adults for years. The Family of trusted organizations, including, has really spread its wings in the past year. As we introduced the section to our printed publication, we have also spread our distribution far and wide.

Yes, but to what end? The answer is simple: We Reach Seniors & 55+ Adults! It might help to quantify that statement. How many seniors and 55+ adults are we talking about? […]

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You Are Known by the Company You Keep!

That is correct, you and your business are known by the company you keep. That is why we like to tell our readers and friends that you can find the Family in well-known places like Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies, as well as in senior-friendly restaurants like Denny’s, DB Pickles, Peach Valley Café and Port Orange Steakhouse. Those establishments want to court the senior and 55+ adult market. Did we mention Walmart and Dollar Tree Stores?

You can also find us […]

You Are Known by the Company You Keep!2019-04-18T08:28:17-04:00